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Matrix Trays


Matrix Trays are used primarily in automated test & assembly processes and conform to JEDEC standards. Integrated circuits and components are picked from trays for testing or assembly into printed circuit boards (PCB). Peak is widely recognized as the market leader in Matrix Trays and offers a full range of tray products including recycled trays, UltraLite™ trays, available tools and custom designs. Some Peak trays showcase features include:

  • UltraLite™, an innovative design and plastics compound that reduces weight, shipping and handling costs and waste in packaging throughout the entire supply chain. It also combines multiple tray designs into a single, new design without diminishing functionality. Translation: fewer tray designs to order, use, store and coordinate, which ultimately reduces your costs.
  • HOT™ (high operating temperature) trays to address the lead-free solder initiative. The lead-free solder process involves processing temperatures as high as 260íŠ, and HOT™ trays are designed to withstand the higher process temperature and to maintain dimensional stability.
  • Double-slope wall designs to ensure accurate packaging placement.
  • A full range of innovative BGA tray designs that accommodate traditional plastic over-mold and glob-top devices as well as the latest CSP and small footprint BGA packages.
  • A comprehensive set of package styles available include: BGA, QFN, QFP, LQFP, PQFP, TSCP and PGA.
  • Design and tooling expertise to quickly address custom requirements for packaging not covered by our thousands of off-the-shelf mold designs.