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About Peak International
About Peak InternationalAbout Peak InternationalAbout Peak International

Peak is an industry leader in engineered plastics and packaging for high value-add products in industries such as semiconductors, precision mechanical components, and solutions for the laboratory, and consumer markets. With offices in Hong Kong, manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen (PRC), and distribution centers worldwide, Peak brings unprecedented economics together with superior design and service to deliver complete solutions to our customers.

Peak's products are already in use by some of the world's largest companies in their high-speed, automated manufacturing processes that require dimensional stability and precision tolerances. Peak has a wide array of standard packaging products, large manufacturing capacity, tooling and design expertise, and a worldwide footprint to support even the toughest JIT requirements.

Peak's worldwide SemiCycle?division is a leading recycler of used plastics. Additionally, Peak is equipped to utilize specially formulated plastics to reduce weight, carbon footprint, and evolving industry requirements for the elimination of PVC-based plastics in many applications.

Founded in 1987, Peak is a stable, reliable plastics and packaging partner supplying the Global 2000 in a wide range of and industries. Peak has been recognized by industry with numerous supplier awards and is ISO-9002, QS-9000 and ISO-14001 certified.