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UltraLite™ Designs


Delivering the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Today.

UltraLite is a specially designed combination of tooling, process technology and materials that improves products and packaging designs. Peak has invested countless resources on R&D to perfect these new designs which deliver:

  • Reduced weight
  • Increased strength to weight ratio
  • Standardized PEAK design
  • Greater inventory flexibility
  • Superior performance vs. other material and process combinations

UltraLite designs are available in standard product families and production quantities for:

Semiconductor Trays
Specially designed reinforced areas to maintain stacking height, structural integrity and an extended lifetime use

Semiconductor Reels
Significantly lighter weight vs. standard parts with added design features to increase strength

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The Business Benefits?
  • Lower Supply Chain Costs
  • Greater Inventory Flexibility
  • Less Inventory Management Costs
  • Lower Repurchase Rates