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Tapes and Reels


Peak’s tape and reel solutions are optimized for high-speed assembly of small components. Conforming to EIA-481, Peak's tape and reel systems are compatible with industry standard tape & reel machines. Our Tape and Reel solutions feature:

  • UltraLite™, an innovative design and plastics compound that reduces weight, shipping and handling costs and waste in packaging throughout the entire supply chain. Available for reels.
  • A large selection of open tooling available for many package types, including CSP, BGA, QFP, TQFP, LQFP, PLCC, SOIC, SOJ, SOT, and QFN.
  • Complete system which includes the carrier tape, cover tape, reel, and p-band.
  • A large range of supported Tape standard widths ?8mm to 56mm.
  • Standard Reel diameters of 7" and 13", with hub sizes ranging from 2" to 7".
  • Fabricated using polystyrene for manufacturing flexibility, consistency and environmental recyclability, solutions are available in insulative, topically coated anti-static, or carbon filled conductive / dissipative varieties.
  • Choice of standard Reel color (blue and white) with other colors available with special order.
  • Maximum capacity of 12M meters of carrier tape per month.