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Peak continues to be a market leader in plastics packaging design, engineering, and production for a number of industries.

Semiconductor – Peak supplies high-precision packaging to leading semiconductor companies around the world. Peak has extensive existing packaging capabilities.

UltraCare™ Wafer Shipper Products – Peak now offers the highest quality wafer shipper products specifically designed to provide maximum protection for your wafers in transit and production.

Data Storage – Peak supplies disk drive makers with packing and transport solutions for Head Gimbal Assemblies (HGA), Flex Suspension Assemblies (FSA), In-Process and Shipping disc caddies, and other components. Peak also invests heavily in the design, engineering and cleanliness requirements for this market to routinely exceed customer expectations.

Flash Media – Peak is currently developing specialized products to remove costs and improve the environmental impact of packaging. New breakthroughs will deliver significant benefits to customer logistics and supply chain costs.

Automotive – Peak's unmatched capabilities in specialty plastic and high thermal plastic designs are solutions to many of the Automotive industry's plastic needs. Peak currently holds the Int'l Automotive Sector Group Quality System – QS 9000 certification and the ISO / TS 16949 certification (ISO 9001 with added requirements specifically for the automotive industry) which allows the company to manufacture and sell automotive parts.

Consumer Products – New and existing consumer product companies can enjoy a cost-effective, one-stop solution for all of their plastic product needs since Peak is the only company with total control of the entire value chain – design, engineering, quality control, production and supply chain support.