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Peak International offers a complete line of matrix trays for your business.

Peak's Tray Product Portfolio

SemiCycle Trays - Founded in 1992, SemiCycle provides recycling services to over 800 semiconductor board manufacturers around the world. These recycled trays offer low cost, low use solutions. Availability may vary.

UltraLite™ Trays - PEAK's unique design offers the lowest TOTAL COST of OWNERSHIP in the market today. Peak's new JEDEC standard product can dramatically lower the cost of shipping, inventory management and repurchase costs.

Available Trays - Tooling exists for a wide range of products and packages. Many of our standard JEDEC trays are already tooled and available in Peak's Global JIT Delivery System.

Custom Trays - PEAK's enormous group of talented designers can create your specific tray solution. And since they work hand in hand with PEAK's in-house tooling and manufacturing team, lead times to production are minimized and product quality is maximized.