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Commitment to Quality


Peak's Total Commitment to Quality begins during the Design phase, extends through Materials and Compounding, the Tooling and Production process, and concludes with our superior Supply Chain capabilities. Peak is committed to quality through our product design, process certifications, and our internal and external quality audits.

Peak provides personal account representatives and assigns internal resources to project teams to ensure we deliver on every aspect of your project. Our executives are always within reach to support your business and interact with you one-on-one to discuss new opportunities, strategic initiatives and ongoing projects. And, if issues arise during our relationship, we take personal responsibility for resolving them to your satisfaction. We also employ a state of the art SAP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to ensure accurate information about your business is a click away.

Peak is committed to delivering environmentally friendly products and supporting our customers' requirements and recycling needs. Several years ago, we realized that the need to support high levels of recyclability in our customers’ products required a new, unique approach to the problem.

In response, Peak introduced its worldwide recycling program, SemiCycle? to address the market's needs for a robust recycling program for various types of plastics packaging. Additionally, Peak is equipped to utilize specially formulated plastics with unique design characteristics to reduce weight and carbon footprint, and to develop industry requirements for the elimination of PVC-based plastics.

Peak is committed to supporting a wide array of highly regarded quality standards to ensure we are following best practices, but more importantly, that we are delivering on our total commitment to quality for our customers. In addition to multi-point internal quality assurance audits, Peak currently holds the following certifications: