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UltraCare™ Wafer Carrier Products


Forty years of excessive pricing and control are about to come to an end. Introducing Peak’s UltraCare™ line of wafer shipper products. For 20 years Peak International Limited has served the world’s largest, most demanding semiconductor companies with innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective JEDEC tray, tape and reel solutions. This unique combination of business value has now arrived in the first of many UltraCare™ wafer shipper products.

Peak’s new 300mm UltraCare™ Horizontal Wafer Shipper as well as the 150mm and 200mm Vertical Wafer Shipper provides for the highest possible levels of protection, cleanliness, low-cost and automation compatibility you expect from a global leader. The product’s patent-pending raised ridges and cross bar design strengthens the encasement while lowering the weight to save money in transport costs. The product has been independently verified to offer the highest levels of cleanliness to protect you against wafer hazing, ionic, outgassing and other forms of contamination. And each UltraCare™ product provides for advanced automation interface features to ensure ease of interoperability. Most importantly, every UltraCare™ product is produced in Peak’s cutting-edge cleanroom manufacturing facility and undergoes Peak’s rigorous quality and testing infrastructure. Each product can be delivered anywhere in the world by Peak’s global JIT supply chain system.

Introducing Peak’s Newest UltraCare™ Wafer shipper product:
  • 300 mm Horizontal Wafer Shipper
  • 200 mm Vertical Wafer Shipper
  • 150 mm Vertical Wafer Shipper
Peak’s UltraCare™ Products are designed to provide you with:
  • Maximum shipping and handling protection
  • Cleanest Material (independently verified)
  • Cost-effective primary and second source volume options
  • Accurate, reliable, and repeatable equipment interoperability
  • Manufacturing flexibility and productivity increases
  • Global JIT inventory deliveries
Each UltraCare™ Wafer Carrier Product features:
  • Ultra clean, low ionic conductive polypropylene for superior ESD protection and manufacturing flexibility (available in natural clear polypropylene)
  • Low outgassing characteristics
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Environmental recyclability
  • Availability in insulative, or carbon filled conductive/dissipative varieties

For more information on Peak’s new UltraCare™ wafer shipper product line or to schedule an NDA presentation, contact us today.