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Peak provides a complete range of service solutions to complement our production and delivery capabilities. We also recognize that one size does not fit all. To ensure all customers maximize the value of our solutions, we've designed our Professional Services to aid in a variety of activities benefiting our clients' product requirements and business growth.

Charged with the primary mission to efficiently, and more cost-effectively, deliver increased business value from our core plastics and packaging solutions, Peak realizes that your business is unique. Your business objectives are different and must be achieved, you require different technical resources to handle any challenge that arises, and your supply chain contains a unique flow requiring close coordination. Peak's Professional Services provide you with best practices developed via years of successful customer implementations around the world in markets as diverse as Semiconductors, Electronics, and Media.

A Peak Professional Services engagement can involve a number of different services including:

Concept, Design and Quote (CDQ) Peak has extensive experience in working with the most critical plastics and packaging formulations. From your 2-D concept Peak can model, quote and build the necessary tooling in-house to achieve your vision with accuracy on costs throughout the process. Peak's engineers will assist you in achieving your DFM objectives.

Materials / Compounding Peak has worked with some of the most demanding and sophisticated customers in the world to formulate a number of unique plastics meeting strength, cost, precision, electrostatic, heat, weight and other requirements. Peak's engineers and material scientists will assist you in selecting the correct materials for your application.

Rapid Prototyping Peak has rapid prototyping capabilities to dramatically reduce your time to market and optimize the use of your internal engineering talent. Peak can provide proof of concept parts in a matter of days for engineering evaluations. Prototype quantities in the designated end material can be provided in short order to ensure you meet your product announcement goals.

Tooling and Production Whether a design in hand, or via our CDQ process, our precision tooling capability makes Peak the perfect partner. We have unequalled in-house tooling capabilities which have produced more than thousands of tooling sets over the last two decades.

Supply Chain With our worldwide JIT system, Peak can help you streamline your production processes by placing critical plastic intermediate goods and packaging within easy reach of your operations. Our creative supply chain and IT experts can assist in optimizing all facets of your plastics supply chain logistics.