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Rapid Prototyping


With time to market cycles shorter than ever, Peak has invested heavily in rapid prototyping tools to facilitate quick turns on design cycles to help you achieve your schedules. Besides, investing in production level tools is significant and it's critical that precision plans be sought with the highest level of confidence.

To ensure accuracy, Peak offers a wide range of rapid prototyping services to dramatically reduce your investment risk and time to market, and to optimize the use of your internal engineering talent. Peak can provide proof of concept parts in a matter of days for engineering evaluations. Prototype quantities in the designated end material can be provided in short order to ensure you meet your product announcement goals. Our capabilities include:
  • Computer 3-D modeling
  • Soft Aluminum Tooling
  • Machined Prototyping
    • CNC Processing
    • SLA Laser Capabilities
    • Palm
    • Fast Mould
  • Expert finishes