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Compound Engineering


Peak's use of cutting-edge compounds has served our customers well over the years. Our latest innovation is Ultralite™, a combination of materials and superior manufacturing techniques that provides higher levels of product performance at the lowest possible cost. And, as the name implies, it offers a significant weight savings over comparable plastics which helps reduce product, shipping and handling costs.

Additionally, our Materials and Compounding capability is a fully integrated part of our solution and offers a full range of testing to ensure the proper physical requirements are met. Given the complexity, design-for-manufacturing requirements, and need for recyclable materials in today's manufacturing environment, choosing the right materials and the compounding process is more important than ever.

Peak has developed numerous custom compounds to meet customer needs in the areas of weight, color, recyclability, electrostatic properties, high temperatures and precision tolerances. Given our wide range of experience, Peak can help you achieve your goals for the right material for your existing or custom design. With a full staff of chemists, materials scientists, and materials engineers, Peak will assist you in selecting the right material for the application.