Peak International

To our Partners, Customers, Employees and Shareholders,


Success in today’s business climate requires great products, high quality service and overall business execution. Never has Peak been more devoted to sharing our total commitment to quality and corporate accountability. Our company invests significantly in process controls, quality systems and is subject to significant scrutiny from the world’s legal systems, environmental agencies, regulatory authorities, corporate governance and some of the largest international companies on earth.


Every Peak employee knows our quality philosophy and our quality policy. We have quality metrics throughout all facets of the organization: sales, finance, operations. We also abide by an extremely strict code of ethics.

Our clients are some of the largest and most technically sensitive institutions on earth. To satisfy their needs, every product and every shipment undergoes Peak’s intense quality and inspection infrastructure. Not only do we ship an industry leading First Articles Inspection Report to each client for each shipment, but we also hold periodic meetings with each customer to discuss all critical procedures and metrics. And we invest heavily in testing – using the latest equipment and technology to ensure that each of our products meets the tight specifications required by our clients. Even our materials lab is operated by dedicated engineers whose work can be traced back to the National Standards Board. We constantly set forth to achieve additional ISO certifications and more to ensure control points throughout every process at Peak. And most importantly, we begin all of this with our people: the best, the brightest, the dedicated professionals that we strive to recruit, train and retain to serve all of our customers’ needs.


We are dedicated to total quality management in everything we do. It is our commitment to our customers, to our shareholders and to ourselves.




Sungyuk 'Stephen' Won

Chief Executive Officer